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Certification Letter Writing Tips

Certificate letter is a formal letter written to certify some services, someone’s health, completion of task, procedure, responsibility or other situation.  The letter has to be authentic and formal in nature. These letters are for official purpose so it is highly required that the contents should be valid without any disguise.

Verify all the information before issuing the letter regarding the certification if you are issuing such a letter to someone. On the other hand if you are asking for a certification letter it is your duty to provide all the details with proofs. This letter also serves as to verify previous information of person, services, organization in written form for official purpose. Here you will get some useful tips to draft your own certificate letter.

  • It should be composed on a professional letterhead as this is a highly professional document. Include the name, address, phone number and professional email address on the top of the letter otherwise.
  • It should be written in a standard business format with factual and specific manner. The information mentioned in the letter should be unambiguous and clear.
  • Write a short, concise and straightforward certificate letter. Avoid long and complex sentences to exaggerate the whole message of the letter.
  • Mention the name of the recipient, job title, company’s name and address.
  • Write down the current date. And now start your letter with a formal salutation. Always address the recipient directly by his/her name with an appropriate prefix.
  • Write a short and meaningful subject line to convey the message in a first look.
  • The initial paragraph of the letter should deliver the exact details about what the letter is written with the relevant information such as name of the person/organization or any other essential specific code.
  • There should be another paragraph after the opening paragraph explaining the authority of the person issuing the letter.
  • In the last paragraph thanks the recipient and conclude the letter in a formal tone with ‘Sincerely’.
  • Make sure that the authorized person has put his/her signature.
  • A stamp of the institution/organization/concerned body is required too.
  • Proof reading is advised while writing a certification letter. A single mistake can spoil the image of the person/organization.

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