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How to Write a Charity Letter

There are several religious, social, medical, and other organizations working for the betterment of the mankind. These are fully or partially working on charity funds. Requesting some stranger or an organization for a charity is not an easy task. A verbal request is always infective in terms of charity. On the other hand a formal letter with a brief and organized description about the cause and after effect can turn a Donor’s no’s into yes’s. People are living in a fast paced life and have no time to work as a volunteer or directly contact the grassroots for help.

A professionally written official donation letter for a charity request can satisfy both, people who need charity and those who want to help through charity. The prime advantage of this letter is it provides ample time to the recipient to study all the details and think with a calm mind before an outright rejection.

Study the below given points and follow them as tips on how to make your charity letter more result oriented.

  • Write a precise, sincere and straightforward charity letter on the official letterhead. This gives a professional and authentic touch to the letter.
  • Keep the tone of the letter formal, polite, persuasive and at the same time impeccable. Do not use pleading tone or overdramatizing manner.
  • You can give a little personal touch with a small anecdote. Do not exaggerate the matter rather stick to the main aim of the letter in a firm tome.
  • Compose your letter with confidence and commitment for the cause of charity as it can convert the recipient into a donor.
  • Do not hesitate in writing while requesting money for charity. Remove your shyness with a strong appeal to convince your potential donor.
  • Write a motivational letter with a personal touch. Try to add some connecting lines for instance, you can directly ask an emotional question ‘Are you ready to join hands for……. Cause?’ or ‘Have you ever thought about the helplessness of…?’
  • Give brief description about your institution/foundation/society/trust with a detailed idea about the causes you have undertaken.
  • Though you are required to write a short and concise letter, do not leave any important area untouched.
  • Always conclude it with a positive and thank you note. You can thank them in advance for their consideration. It gives a persuasive effect.
  • Proofread and edit your letter carefully to make it an error free. Correct all spelling and grammatical errors, if any.

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