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How to Write a Cancellation Letter

We need a formal notice to inform the cancellation of service/contract/business agreement or any other professional commitment. Cancellation letter is the best tool to inform the concerned person about the cancelation of any commitment or contract. A formal written letter delivers the information of cancelation in an organized manner. Such letters are normally concise and to the point.

Cancelation letter is often used by business organizations to end a contractual agreement that may find are no longer useful to their business needs. Try to include the key information that will work as a backup for your decision to cancel the contract. A formal cancellation letter comes handy when you want to maintain the record of communication between you and the other party. It can also be used as a written proof about the cancellation.

A formal letter makes the communication sound professional. If you want to write a letter to cancel a service/ rental contract/ membership/ subscription/ an appointment or any other commitment, you can follow the below given points to compose your cancellation letter professionally.

Tips on Writing a Cancellation Letter

  • Write a clear, concise, and factual letter that states all the pertinent facts. Keep your tone professional, short, and to the point.
  • Compose your letter on the standard business format with these elements.
  • Date (current date)
  • Sender Information (your name, and address)
  • Recipient information (name and address of the person/business being addressed)
  • Reference number or account number(only if required)
  • Main body of the letter (summary of the facts and settlement of account)
  • Your signature
  • Start your letter with a proper salutation for instance, “Dear with (‘Mr. /Mrs. /Ms.’)” and the name of the group or person whom this cancellation letter is addressed to.
  • Clearly state the name of the service/contact you are cancelling in the initial paragraph. You can also provide some additional information that you think may be worth mentioning.
  • Do not forget to include some lines about how your account will be settled if there is an outstanding balance owing on the account. There may be some payments that have previously made by you, do not forget to give detailed information about any refunds / payments that you expect to receive.
  • Request a written confirmation of the cancellation to the opposite party as communication will be considered complete only when the opposite party responds with a confirmation or acceptance in written.
  • Provide your contact information for further communication regarding the cancellation.
  • End the letter by thanking the concerned authorities for their consideration.
  • You can also enclose additional documents that you believe is necessary to help with the cancellation process.

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