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Insurance Cancellation Letter

Cancellation letter for insurance are written in order to request the insurer about the cancellation of your insurance policy. If you wish to cancel an insurance policy you need to write a formal letter for cancelation of your insurance policy. Writing a letter is the best method to contact life insurance companies and effectively communicate about your intention of cancelation.

It must be done in formal writing since policies are contracts. With the intention of withdrawal you will have to send a written notice to your insurer. This letter also serves as an inquiry regarding any refund you may be entitled to receive or any balance left that you be indebted on the basis of cancellation of your policy. A sample letter is given for your guidance.

Sample Insurance Cancellation Letter


Mr. David Filed

45/3 Good Avenues

Thomas Streets

Vinton 46899


Mr. Sheen Brown

Cancellation Department

Life Care Insurance Company

67 Pinnacle Streets

Vinton 76635

Date: 27 May, 2014

Subject: Cancellation of Life Insurance Policy (Policy No.: 000000)

Dear Mr. Sheen Brown

Please consider this letter as a formal request regarding my decision of cancellation of life insurance policy (Policy No.: 00000). Hence, stop all debits or charges for premium payments. The effective date of policy cancellation is February 5, 2014. Furthermore, do not charge my bank account for any monthly premium payments.

You are requested to take all the necessary actions at the earliest and also send me a written confirmation that clearly state the cancellation of my policy has been accepted and are into effect. I also request a refund for unused premiums, within 30 days from the receipt of this letter along with the written confirmation of this cancellation.

Kindly check all the details of my premiums and refund of any unused amount of my policy premium. Your prompt action on my request to get the cancellation of life insurance policy done at your earliest convenience is anticipated.

Feel free to contact me for further clarifications if required.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. David Filed

45/3 Good Avenues

Thomas Streets

Vinton 46899

Given Below are a few Cancellation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Sample Business Insurance Cancellation Letter
If you plan to cancel your business insurance policy then you have to send a policy cancellation letter to the insurance company.

Health Insurance Cancellation Letter
There are various reasons because of which a person plans to cancel the health insurance.

Letter to Cancel an Insurance Policy
Letter to Cancel an Insurance Policy If you wish you cancel your LIC policy then you can do so anytime you wish.

Sample Insurance Surrender Letter
LIC Insurance surrender letter has to be written to formally submit this request. If you also wish to write a letter to surrender the LIC policy, you can use the sample letter of application to the branch manager for surrendering of LIC policy.

Event Cancellation Letter Template
Event cancellation letter is usually written to formally inform the host by an invitee that he/she will not be able to make it to the event due to certain reasons.

Interview Cancellation Letter
Cancelling an interview is the most daunting job and is never ideal but cannot be avoided as well. If you have a tough situation and are forced to cancel a scheduled interview with some respected personality.

Credit Card Cancellation Letter
A credit card cancellation letter is written in order to stop a credit card service. It is when an individual does not want to continue with the services of a credit card that he/ she possessed currently.

Contract Cancellation Letter Sample
A contract cancellation letter is written with an intention to inform a service provider/business partner about your decision of canceling the particular contract.

Bank Account Cancellation Letter
Bank account cancellation letters are typically addressed to the bank by its customers for the closure of the bank accounts. These letters have to be very specific with respect to what the action is supposed to be done.

Agreement Cancellation Letter Format
An agreement cancellation letter is a formal letter to notify your business partner/associate about the cancellation of some agreement.

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