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Event Cancellation Letter

Event cancellation letter is usually written to formally inform the host by an invitee that he/she will not be able to make it to the event due to certain reasons. Such a letter is the most effective tool to let somebody know about the changed schedule.

This letter conveys the message of the absence with an accepted excuse. The objective is to not disappoint the person who invited you for the event. It conveys your apologies to the host/sender too. If you are forced to cancel some event it is advisable that you inform promptly by writing a cancellation letter with apology for the inconvenience.

Sample Event Cancellation Letter


Mr. Garry Worth


William Builders and Contractors

7, Morris Square

Brighton 67879


Ms. Collie Manna

Project Coordinator

Empower Women NGO

45, Wonder Town

Muncie 978754

Date: May 28, 2014

Subject: Cancellation Letter for the event on February 16, 2014

Dear Ms. Collie Manna,

I write this letter to inform you that I would not be able to attend the Empower Women Event on February 4, 2014 as an orator. I have received your invitation on February 1, 2014 but unfortunately I am already booked for a business meeting in Toronto with my business partners.

I positively want to be the part of your event but I cannot cancel the meeting for it was confirmed a long time back. I am really sorry for your inconvenience.

I am committed to uplift and empowerment of women and other social issues but this time, I have no other choice. Please accept my apologies. I want to assure for my presence in your coming events.

Once again, I am really sorry.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Garry Worth


William Builders and Contractors

Given Below are a few Cancellation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Interview Cancellation Letter
Cancelling an interview is the most daunting job and is never ideal but cannot be avoided as well. If you have a tough situation and are forced to cancel a scheduled interview with some respected personality.

Credit Card Cancellation Letter
A credit card cancellation letter is written in order to stop a credit card service. It is when an individual does not want to continue with the services of a credit card that he/ she possessed currently.

Contract Cancellation Letter Sample
A contract cancellation letter is written with an intention to inform a service provider/business partner about your decision of canceling the particular contract.

Insurance Cancellation Letter Example
Cancellation letter for insurance are written in order to request the insurer about the cancellation of your insurance policy.

Bank Account Cancellation Letter
Bank account cancellation letters are typically addressed to the bank by its customers for the closure of the bank accounts. These letters have to be very specific with respect to what the action is supposed to be done.

Agreement Cancellation Letter Format
An agreement cancellation letter is a formal letter to notify your business partner/associate about the cancellation of some agreement.

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