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Farewell Letter to Clients

A client’s farewell letter is written by a company when they stop all the business dealings with the clients due to some reason. This letter is a way to maintain good long-term relationship with the clients by providing alternative to work with the clients in an indirect way. One can suggest a company which deals with same business to the client to help them for future business activities. It also adds up in the company’s good book.

Here in the sample, a company writes this letter to the client in order to inform them, the company stops the business dealing with them as they fail to meet its requirement, but to maintain the relation the company provides an alternative to carry on their business.

Sample Farewell Letter to the Clients

Aug 16, 2014

Dear Mr. Savani,

Considering the entire conversation, we have taken a decision to stop all the dealings with your company. Looking at the good reputation of the company, I would like to suggest you a company which will provide you the goods at the reasonable rates. We will provide you all the project cost and the receipt as soon as all the formalities are done.

We would like to appreciate the way you do business and thanks for clearing all the pending payments before the due date. To maintain this relationship with you for a long term, I would like you to start a business with our sister consultant.


Raj Sahu

Chief Executive Officer

OTT Company Ltd

Mumbai, India

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