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Funny Farewell Letter

Farewell letter is written for one’s apart and hence people get emotional. Here is a way to enlighten the atmosphere by leaving a smile on everybody’s face. And that way is to write a funny farewell letter. This letter includes the funny moments that one had in the office while working. This letter is a store room of sweet memories.

A funny farewell letter deals with presenting an emotional subject in a funny way to bring a smile, even if you are bidding goodbye. A sample is as follows.

Funny Farewell Letter Sample


Linda K. Jean

2611 Pheasant Ridge Road

Philadelphia, PA 19131


Finance Department

4915 Devils Hill Road

Jackson, MS 39211

Aug 20, 2014

Ref: A Happy Goodbye to My Colleagues

Dear Everyone,

Maybe you know that I will be leaving this company tomorrow as I have been selected as a head of the department in another company. I would like to mention the memory of working with you people was really wonderful.

For Amberth, who always brought breakfast for me as she knew that I never used to have breakfast. I will it everyday. But if you still want to buy me breakfast, you can send it to my office. Marican, you can have my mug now. I know you would have forgotten about your mug. And Mae, don’t forget to take breaks on time. You can use my table clock if you want.

I am really going to miss these days. As I am leaving this job, I would like to wish you people all the best for future endeavors. Please be in touch.

Best wishes to all

Linda K. Jean

Given Below are a few Farewell letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Funny Farewell Letter to Colleagues in Office

Farewell Letter to Employee from Manager

Farewell Party Thank you Letter
An individual writes a farewell party thank you letter to the friends, who organize a get together to make a farewell party for the concerned person.

Farewell Party Invitation Letter
A farewell party invitation letter is written to friends, family members and colleagues in order to invite them to the party to bid a goodbye to all of them. In our daily life, we come across lots of events, parties, meetings etc.

Farewell Letter to Teacher
A farewell letter to teacher is written on behalf of the school members to appreciate the work done by the teacher in the school.

Farewell Letter to Colleagues
A farewell letter to colleagues as its name depicts, it is written when one is leaving.

Employee Farewell Letter
This farewell letter is written to an employee whose journey of work has come to an end.

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