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Employee Farewell Letter

This farewell letter is written to an employee whose journey of work has come to an end. There is a popular saying that whatever has a beginning will also have an end. This saying is very much true and is demonstrated by each and every facet of life. This can be seen in the business world. People joined as a new employee and after completing certain years, this relation between employee and a company comes to an end. But this phase of life gives a lot to remember.

A farewell letter to an employee is about dealing with the emotional aspect of life. Go through the sample to make your letter perfect.

Sample Farewell Letter to an Employee


Alexis Dennis

5734, Luden Cove

Barleen, GM 475


Felix Horish

Chief Executive Officer

Legend Industries

9795, Lunengs

Kiyot, JP 583

Aug 19, 2014

Dear Sir,


I am writing this letter to express my feelings to you. Having served this organization for the past three decades, I have to take a well deserved exit. I can vividly recall my first day in this excellent organization. I joined this organization with a little knowledge, but now I am leaving with a lot of knowledge and memories. I have learned numerous things in this company and I made lifelong friends too.

I must confess that this organization has done more than good to me. All my co-workers were really supportive and friendly natured. I would like to appreciate the fact that this organization always gave priority to the welfare of the employee. I will miss all my colleagues, working environment, sound advice of seniors. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve your company.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Alexis Dennis

Job Supervisor

Given Below are a few Farewell letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Funny Farewell Letter
Farewell letter is written for one’s apart and hence people get emotional.

Farewell Party Thank you Letter
An individual writes a farewell party thank you letter to the friends, who organize a get together to make a farewell party for the concerned person.

Farewell Party Invitation Letter
A farewell party invitation letter is written to friends, family members and colleagues in order to invite them to the party to bid a goodbye to all of them. In our daily life, we come across lots of events, parties, meetings etc.

Farewell Letter to Teacher
A farewell letter to teacher is written on behalf of the school members to appreciate the work done by the teacher in the school.

Farewell Letter to Colleagues
A farewell letter to colleagues as its name depicts, it is written when one is leaving.

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