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Farewell Party Invitation Letter

A farewell party invitation letter is written to friends, family members and colleagues in order to invite them to the party to bid a goodbye to all of them. In our daily life, we come across lots of events, parties, meetings etc. And a person organizing an event has to invite people to show them how important they are. The Invitation can be made either through a phone call or a letter. But it’s impossible to call up every single person so one switch over to the second alternative.

Here in the sample, an individual organizes a party to exchange the final note with colleagues in a very energetic way as he is leaving the his job for a better option so that through this letter he invites all to be present at the get together.

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter


Mr. Kapil S

Software Developer

Tree Sea Networks

Richmond town, Bangalore

Aug 20, 2014


Mr. Sudhakar Murthy

Software Developer

Tree Sea Networks

Richmond town, Bangalore

Subject: Farewell invitation

Dear Mr. Sudhakar Murthy,

As you know that I have received a job opportunity from an American company and hence I am resigning from Tree Sea Networks. I am writing this letter to invite you to my party. I am organizing this farewell party to bid a goodbye to all my colleagues and friends.

The party will be held on 15th of this month at Mute Mouth Restaurant, Commercial Street near Nokia showroom. The event will start at 7:00 pm in the evening. This will be my last day with you and I want to recollect all the sweet memories to keep it with me. I have also organized for dinner. Dance performance and a musical concert will be organized for you people to enjoy.

I assure you that you will have lots of fun and it will be a memorable get together for all of us. I would like to request you to make yourself available at the party as your presence matters a lot to me.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Kapil S

Given Below are a few Farewell letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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This farewell letter is written to an employee whose journey of work has come to an end.

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