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Farewell Letter to Boss Who is Leaving

farewell letter to boss who is leaving
farewell letter to boss who is leaving

Boss at work is someone who is always there to guide you, inspire you and support you and when it is time for him to move on, writing a farewell letter to him expressing your gratitude and wishing him good luck is the most important thing to do. Heartfelt goodbye letter to boss who is leaving are the perfect way to express your feelings because he will no longer be your boss. Write a farewell letter to boss to thank him for all the guidance and support he gave you.

In this post, we bring to you the important farewell letter writing tips along with farewell letter to boss who is leaving sample. Use these tips to write a perfect farewell letter to boss, to thank and to wish him success.

How to Write a Farewell Letter to a Boss who is leaving

Here are some useful guidelines for writing a perfect farewell letter to a boss who is leaving:

  • If you are on friendly terms with your boss, you can start your letter with “Dear” as salutation, followed by the first name of your boss.
  • Include the reason for writing a farewell letter to boss.
  • Share the good experiences and learnings with your boss.
  • Be honest with whatever you are including in your letter.
  • Keep the closing lines professional.
  • Wish good luck for future.

Sample Farewell Letter to Boss Who is Leaving


Richard Brown

Senior Marketing Executive


New York

Date: December 23rd, 2019


Simon Hank

883 West Fairview Dr.
Brooklyn, NY 11214

Dear Simon,

I just learnt about your transfer and promotion and it came as a wonderful surprise to me. Though I am really happy for you but somewhere I am going to miss working with you. For all these years, you have been an inspiring boss to me who has guided me through thick and thin and has always believed in me. And I am thankful for everything you have done for me.

I am hopeful that in near future, we might get a chance to work together again and I get an opportunity to learn from you again. With all my heart, I again thank you for helping me progress in my life. It will be privilege to stay connected with you.

Wishing you good luck for all future endeavours.


Richard Brown

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