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Farewell Letter Writing Tips

Farewell letter are typically written to inform your collogues that you are leaving your current organization. It is a formal good bye letter with a slight personal touch. It is certainly an emotional subject of writing as it is a nostalgic spot of life especially in case of retirement or leaving after several years of service. It provides you a chance to express your gratitude and appreciation to your colleagues.

There are several examples of farewell letters as it could be send to entire organization, your immediate boss, the management, selected set of colleagues or an individual co worker. You can also write a business farewell letter to your clients, customer or business associates. If you are confused and looking for samples on how to write it, there is no set pattern or hard and fast rule for it, just follow your heart. Honesty, thankfulness, admiration, amnesty, affection, compassion and all sorts of emotions are the obvious elements of such letters.

Here are some easy farewell letter writing tips that you can follow to write perfect good bye greetings.

Format and language:

  • Make a short, sweet and succinct note for your farewell.
  • Compose it on a formal letterhead if you are addressing entire organization, management or your boss.
  • You can use some casual stationary if you are writing this to an individual colleague or a selected set of co workers.
  • Follow the standard format of letter writing and keep the tone formal, pleasant and sincere.
  • You can give a pinch of personal emotions without getting too personal or overdramatizing.
  • Create an outline off all the points you want to include in it, for instance, list of recipients, certain dates such as important events, promotion, date of joining etc.

Opening Paragraph:

  • Announce that you are leaving your current organization with its reason in the opening paragraph.

Middle Paragraph:

  • This is the paragraph where you can pour out your emotions. Express your thankfulness and appreciation to your colleagues and employer.
  • Do not criticize anything related with your organization or co workers.
  • Do not write any personal comment about any individual in your work place.
  • Always include positive points as there is no use of ending with a negative impression.
  • You can write an anecdote to tell something very important related with your professional front.

Last paragraph:

  • Close your letter with a positive and emotion note.
  • Wish good luck to your organization and colleagues for the future.
  • Request them to contact you on your contact details.
  • You can end it with a funny line or anything emotional. It totally depends on your wish.

Proofread and sign:

  • Proofread and edit it to make a flawless piece of writing.
  • Check for incomplete sentence structure, spelling mistakes, any inadvertent or controversial proverb, spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Put your signature to acknowledge its authenticity.

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