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How to Write a Farewell Letter

Farewell letter is a formal letter to say good bye. It could be either personal or professional. There is no perfect mode to say goodbye. However, writing a farewell letter is the best way to share your feelings regarding departure. If you are leaving your current organization and moving to a new company, new city, starting your own business or retiring you can use this to announce it. You can write a farewell letter to boss, employee, co workers, colleagues, business clients, best friend or an individual in your work place.

It is a formal piece of letter writing written in pleasant and friendly tone. There are several formats of such letters. You can choose according to your requirement as if you are writing it to your boss you have to follow the strict professional sample and if you are writing a farewell letter to a friend you can follow your heart. Compassion, forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude, and all sort of soft emotions are the essential elements of such writing.

We have provided some good writing tips to make your farewell letter writing easy and effective.

  • Write a short and precise letter in a pleasant and sincere tone.
  • Compose it on your official letterhead if you are addressing your seniors, boss or entire organization. Write it in a business letter writing format.
  • If you are writing it to a friend, a close individual in your work place or a selected set of colleagues, you can choose stationary of your choice.
  • Address the recipient formally or according to your relationship with him.
  • Do not write over friendly or too personal salutation if you are addressing someone in your company.
  • Do not write anything negative or derogatory in it.
  • Announce your departure with its reason in the first paragraph.
  • If you want to appreciate your boss or some colleague, mention it in middle paragraph. Handle the section of appreciation and admiration with honesty and sincerity.
  • Write some lines to express that you want to nurture your bond lifelong with this organization and its workers. Request them to stay in touch and contact you on your contact details.
  • You can write something humors in the end with a reasonable tone to make your letter friendlier.
  • Conclude it with a note of best wishes. Wish your colleagues for a bright future. Write something nice with a good luck wish dedicated to your organization.

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