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Tips for Writing Effective Endorsement Letter

Endorsement letter is a kind of formal notification regarding the persona and characteristics of the person being endorsed. It is usually written to announce an approval or any sort of support for definite projects, person, product, service or entity. It is comes under a certain agreement signed between the organization and endorsee. It is most likely serves as a legal consent for particular privileges and authority to the endorsee for a definite period of time.

It could be written to support a student applying in college, person looking for employment, public opinion contest, new business promotion, new official venture or other similar affairs. This is highly sensitive and professional letter. Hence it requires a great effort in writing. It covers all the information and details of the endorsee and the person/ organization offers a recommendation. It could be in the form of payments, sponsorships or providing consent to use the name to increase sales and attention. Nowadays it is quite famous among sportsmen, movie stars and the other celebrities.

Here are some quick and handy tips to help you write an effective such letter.

  • Follow the standard format of business letter writing and create a formal document for this purpose. Make a highly formal document.
  • Draft it according to the guidelines, terms and conditions of your company’s policy.
  • The language of the letter should be very professional and sincere.
  • Begin it with a formal and appropriate salutation.
  • First paragraph would be very factual and straightforward if you are writing this to make request of endorsement.
  • Mention the correct name of the endorsee and some of his/ her well known qualities.
  • Clearly provide your information for instance, who you are, detail of the company you are representing and for which service or product you are requesting endorsement. Mention clearly why you are requesting for the support.
  • If you are writing to endorse a person, honestly appreciate the abilities and excellence of the person you are supporting. Do not use words that sound as if you are advocating a non deserving candidate.
  • In the next paragraph reader usually look for more clarity so explain exactly how this endorsement is going to be used. Provide all the relevant detail without leaving any space for misunderstanding or ambiguity.
  • Mention clearly, if there is any deadline regarding the endorsement in the last paragraph.
  • Conclude your writing with a thank you gesture.

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