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Tips to write a Farewell Letter to Coworkers

We have provided best tips for farewell letter to co workers to make your writing flawless.

  • If you are writing this to an organization, keep your tone formal and sincere. If it is addressed to a selected set of colleagues who are close to you, it could be more personal and casual in tone.
  • If you are writing this for an individual co worker in your work place with which you share a special bond, you can add some lines related with your happy moment and make it a funny farewell letter.
  • If you are leaving after several years of your service, mention some of your remarkable projects, achievements and memorable moments related to work place, in a chronological manner.
  • Do not forget to thank the organization. For instance, you can write that you have grown personally and professionally during your tenure with this organization.
  • Always leave your organization on good terms. Do not write even a single sentence of criticism related with your organization, management or your current boss.
  • Express your gratitude and appreciation to your colleagues in a humble tone. You may write some lines especially dedicated to certain people who have supported you a lot.
  • Write some lines about your immediate boss or your mentors for the duration of your tenure.
  • Close your letter with a warm and enthusiastic note such as it is a time for a new challenge and experience.
  • Mention your contact detail at the end of the letter and request them be in touch with you.

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