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How to Write a Follow Up Letter

Follow up letter serves as a formal inquiry or reminder regarding a recent job interview, business meeting, job application, or some other similar professional affairs that require follow ups.  It not only reminds the reader for a particular matter but also conveys your gratitude. It plays a crucial role in the job interview process. If you want your follow-up to contribute in the judgment process of your matter, send it within 48 hours. A late follow up letter usually fails to deliver its essence. If your potential employer or business associate has an official email address, you can send a follow up email after 24 hours with a thank you note.

It provides you an opportunity to express your interest in the organization. It also gives a chance to demonstrate your skill sets and enthusiasm for the applied post in a humble manner. There are several generic samples of follow up emails and letters that you can use to get an idea about it. But never send a form or generic letter as it may fail to serve your purpose. Always send a customized letter according to your requirement.

Here are some useful writing tips to help you in writing an effective follow up letter.

  • Compose it in a standard format of business letter writing. Make a short, simple and understandable note.
  • Keep it free from begging or pleading tone. Write it in a sincere and humble manner. In any case, do not show your anger, frustration or disappointment.
  • Avoid writing any negative comment. Do not criticize your previous organization or the work experience.
  • Do not forget to enter the current date and a subject line.
  • A factual and short subject line is very important in such letters. Include some relevant fact to deliver the gist of the entire writing. For instance, interview or meeting date, post applied for, application number or some other reference code.
  • Start it with a formal salutation. Select a proper formal salutation according to the authorized recipient.
  • Begin the body of the letter with a sincere thank you note. Appreciate the recipient for considering your application or providing you a chance of interview or a meeting without getting two personal.
  • Do not replicate your resume or cover letter. Simply provide a summary of your most essential abilities within two or three lines.
  • Close it again with a thank you gesture and request them to contact you on your given contact information.
  • Proofread it to make a flawless letter. A perfect follow up message demonstrates your professionalism and credibility.
  •  Make two copies of it. Send one to the recipient and keep the other for a future reference.

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