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Tips on Writing a Follow up Letter

Follow-up letters are the formal letters addressed to the potential employer after an interview or a meeting. It serves as a formal reminder of your job application or an interview. You can send it to the human resource department of the organization, interview board or the authorized recruiter. It conveys your gratitude for the consideration of your job application or providing opportunity for the interview or meeting. It provides you another chance to show your interest in organization and the job post.

There are several examples of such letters but a standard business style letter is best for it. You can also write a thank you letter after an interview for follow up, it will also serve you the same.

Here are some good writing tips to guide you how to write an effective follow up letter.

Format and Language:

  • Compose it in the standard format of business letter writing.
  • Keep the tone formal and sincere.
  • Write it in a clear, simple and easy to understand language.
  • Do not write it in a pleading or begging tone.
  • Never show your frustration on the organization or desperation for the job.

Subject Line:

  • Create a factual subject line to deliver the gist of the letter in first look.
  • Make it short and meaningful.
  • Include some important facts such as reference number, application number, job post, interview date or something similar to it.

Body of the Letter:

  • Start it with a gesture of thank you. Express your appreciation to the interview in humble and sincere tone.
  • Provide your brief introduction with a reminder of the interview.
  • Show your interest and determination for the job you have applied for. But do not demonstrate your desperation in a begging tone.
  • You can summarize your qualification and experience in the middle paragraph. Do not provide details as you have already sent your resume, cover letter and faced the interview. Though, you can add something that proves you the most suitable candidate for the job.
  • Conclude your letter with a thank you note.
  • Request them to contact you on your provided contact.

Avoid Negative Points:

  • Do not write anything criticizing related with the organization, interview board or related with your interview experience.
  • There is no need of writing anything negative related with the unemployment or your bad experience related with your previous job.
  • Never write that you have waited so long for the response of your interview or you are very disappointed with the delay in response.


  • Proofread it carefully to avoid spelling, grammar or content error. A flawless letter delivers your professionalism and credibility.

Make Copies:

  • Make two copies of it. Send one two the recipient and keep the other for your further reference.
  • If you failed to get the response of your first letter, you may draft a second follow up and attach this as an enclosure for the reference of the precious.

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