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How to Write Friendship Letter

Friendship letters are the best method to express love, care and concern to your friends.

It strengthens the cordial bonds of friendship. We are living in a fast paced and high-tech world. We have facilities of emails, video conferencing, text messaging, phone calls and so many other options to get connected with friends. But a hand written letter to a friend can never be compared with any of it. A hand written personal message conveys your emotions and feeling in an effective manner. It could be kept forever as a token of remembrance.

You can maintain the warmth of your friendship through it with all your friends who live in faraway places. Though it could sound childish but it is the cutest way to make your friend feel special. It is also the best way to express your love to the ones you see daily. Sometimes it may surprise you as there is a high chance of getting one in return. There is no hard and fast rule regarding such writing. Simply follow your heart and pour out your emotions.

We have tried to provide some good writing tips to guide you in this emotional venture.

  • Write a pleasant note in a friendly manner. Keep the tone of the letter positive and cheerful.
  • Ask about his life, health, career, job or family in the initial lines. You can also inquire for a person important in his life.
  • Mention some of your regular activity or usual hobbies that you both have enjoyed together. Write an anecdote to cherish happy moments and laughs through it. Spell out some of the important dates or situations.
  • Share something related with your present life, career or family.
  • Tell him that how important he is and how much you feel lonely without him. Write something to express that you nurture this friendship with great affection.
  • Invite him for a meeting, coffee, and diner or ask him to spend his vacation with you.
  • Write something very personal or sensitive to make him understand that you really miss him and he is an important part of your life.
  • Request him to contact you on your given contact number and plan to meet you as soon as possible.
  • Wish him luck and conclude it with a warm and cordial closure greeting.

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