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Farewell Letter after Resignation

A farewell letter after resignation is written by an employee to his or her coworkers after the resignation. Through this letter, the employee thanks the coworkers for being friendly and supportive. This letter is a way to bid farewell after an employee resigns from the company. The employee wishes all the coworkers for their future. This letter is written to express the feelings of the employee for his or her colleagues.

A farewell letter after resignation strikes an emotional chord to bid goodbye from the coworkers. Use the sample to draft your own.

Farewell Letter after Resignation Sample

Aug 18, 2014


Mr. Edward Daniel

23 Abbey Vale

CA23 3ED


Former colleagues

Whitehaven plastics

CA34 4RF

Subject: Farewell to colleagues

Dear colleagues,

I am writing this letter to say my goodbye to all of you. I have tendered my resignation last week and I would like to tell you that I am shifting to Manchester to stay with my grandparents. It was a wonderful journey working for this reputed organization. I still remember the way we used to work together in every situation to keep up the name of the organization. I learnt a lot of things from you people and I would not like to miss the chance of telling that you were wonderful colleagues.

You people are more than the colleagues for me. I promise to stay in touch with you people. I will send my address and phone number by mail as soon as I will reach there. I would like to wish luck to all of you for your future.

Yours faithfully

Mr. Edward Daniel

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