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Tips to Write a Breakup Letter

Breakup letter is a very personal letter written to inform a partner about the end of a relationship. Break ups are always tough and requires to be done in person. However, certain circumstances demand that the break-up should be initiated by writing down on paper.

Writing a breakup letter is the best way to tell your partner that you are no more interest in the relationship. There are certain benefits to writing such letters, for instance you get enough time to choose exactly what you want to say. And the best thing is you do not have to worry about losing you serenity and saying something you regret.

It serves best in conditions where you do not want to spend any more time working on the relationship or discussing what went wrong. With this letter you can clearly inform your partner that you are certain in your decision to split, and ask him/her to respect your decision of breakup.

Writing is the best option when you have been in a long-term relationship and you may want to show the respect of breaking up so you both can get on with your lives. Here are some tips suggested to write a good breakup letter.

Tips on how to write breakup letter

  • Compose a rough outline that will help you cover everything that is important to you and relevant to the purpose of your breakup.
  • Try to be completely honest with yourself and write down only the stuff which is true and necessary.
  • Start the letter with a proper salutation, such as “Dear”.
  • Express your reason of breakup in a humble tone.  Never write down in a blunt manner that it was your ex partner’s faults. Though you can discuss if there was an obvious problem, such as cheating, drug or violence. You can state these reason with a soft tone by mentioning how much those things hurt you.
  • The middle paragraph is a good place to state your intentions for moving forward. It is advisable that you write your reason with a kind, calm and civilized manner as no one deserves to be made into mincemeat, not even your ex partner.
  • Add some sentences in the middle paragraphs to express your apologies for hurting your partner at any time. You can also inform him/her if there is anything you need from your partner.
  • After writing your points of objection or the reasons of the breakup, you can write down something positive if you want to stay open to the possibility of friendship. Write down that though you both need time apart to make well, possibly in the future you can remain friends.
  • You are also required to show the tender part of your heart, tell him/her that you wish the best in handling these problems, at the same time know that you no longer want to be involved in a relationship and have met a dead end.
  • Mention some of the good qualities to ensure that you would not get a bitter and hurtful response.
  • In the last paragraph wish best for the future.
  • You can enter your contact number and email address if you wish to get contacted by your ex partner.
  • Sign the letter however you feel most comfortable, such as “Wishing you the best.”

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