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How to Write a Breakup Letter

When you are in a bad phase of your relationship and have decided to get separated, you are required to inform your partner about your decision. A breakup letter gives you a chance to put your thoughts into words. With the help of such letters, you can pour your heart out without being interrupted.

There is no perfect way to announce the news of your breakup with your partner. When you think of breakup you have many important things in your heart to say and want to make sure that you share only the most important ones. A breakup letter is an excellent way for a person who has difficult time in expressing the sad news to his/her loved one.

Breakup letters are not written to escape from a situation but rather to express what cannot be said in person. A short and precise letter can convey your emotions in the right manner. Here are some guidelines to follow while you are planning to compose your own breakup letter.

  • Make a rough outline before the final drafting to cover only the necessary emotions. Avoid long letters.
  • Write a short and precise letter as no one wants to read a very long breakup letter.
  • Start out with writing what went wrong. Write some sentence in the opening paragraph of your breakup letter to make your partner understands that the relationship is truly over. Explain in detail the flaws that destroyed the relationship.
  • Clearly state that you want to move on without him/her in your life. Be candid but not harsh or heartless with your words.
  • It will be of great help if you state the right reason behind your decision. Do not keep your partner hanging by making him/her wonder what went wrong.
  • You can discuss about the good times that both of you had in the second paragraph of your letter but share it in short sentences only.
  • If you want to mention something specific regarding your decision of breakup you can write a few of his/her shortcomings and mistakes in the relationship. But do it in a nice and mild manner and do include some of your mistakes too.
  • In the last paragraph show the tenderness of your heart and encourage him/her to move on regardless of what happened.
  • Do not write anything emotional to give a false hope to your partner as it will be better for both of you and your partner. Never end with a promise such as, “I’ll call you later,” or “see you soon”. You can also add some soothing sentences in the last paragraph, for instance you still know that he/she is an excellent person and he/she will find the best person for him/her in the future.
  • Thank him/her for the wonderful times that you shared together and wish him/her well, in the end.

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