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7 Tips for Writing an Break Up Letter to Girlfriend

Here are some tips to give you an idea about how to write a break up letter to girlfriend.

  • Write a clear and specific breakup letter. Do not write useless stuffs.
  • The basic rule is to be honest and reasonable.
  • Inform her about your decision of separation in the opening line of the letter but do not leave any question regarding your decision of break up. Come up with a legitimate reason for why you are no longer interested in the relationship. Explain the reason in detail that has forced you to take this decision.
  • While writing break up letter try to be understanding and compassionate because it is of no use if you would not have someone who loved you turn into someone who hates you. Always keep it in mind that nobody on earth is perfect so never place blame solely on your girlfriend.
  • Discuss about the aspects of her personality that attracted you to her in the beginning of the relationship and the traits of hers that had hold you so strong during the relationship.
  • Try not to be aggressive or combative while explaining the reasons for a breakup. After telling her about your decision of separation and reason behind it, it will be better for you both if you mention your efforts that you could have tried to make the relationship better.
  • Conclude the last paragraph with optimism and hope, for instance add a note that this letter is like leaving you both with a better chance of finding lasting love later on. If you feel comfortable give her the option of discussing things after some days or week when the situation will go back to normal.

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