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8 Tips for Writing Break Up Letter to Boyfriend

Though we have tried our best to provide you some tips  on how to write a break up letter to boyfriend.

  • Just be honest and true to yourself when you start writing your letter for your boyfriend. The most important part about writing is to be kind and honest.
  • Try to be concise and don’t leave your boyfriend with any feelings of doubt or confusion. Make it clear to him that you want to break up.
  • Give a specific reason rather than writing a single sentence “it’s not working out”. Allow him to know very clearly that the relationship is over because of the certain reason.
  • Mention your reason of separation in a calm and humble tone without accusing your boyfriend madly as this will help you and him both to move on.
  • Explain your reasons of your break up in a clear and specific language.
  • The only purpose of your writing is to inform him about your wish. Therefore avoid expressing any negative emotions.
  • In the middle or last paragraph add some sentences about the good times that you both have enjoyed.
  • Try to express your gratitude over all of the nice moments you shared together to leave the relationship on the best note possible.

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