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How to Write a Business Letter

Business letters are formal letters to serve several business purposes. It is an active form of communication between two or more parties. They may be informational, persuasive, motivational, or promotional. They are typed and printed on standard business format. It should summarize the introduction of the company writing the letter with the service/offer/product it is offering to the receiver.

The letter should be concise and should briefly introduce the company or its products and services. It should make the readers able to understand how it will help them in business. Writing such a letter is an easy and professional way of corresponding business purposes. Here are some suggestions related to your requirement or the confusion about how to write a business letter to serve your purpose. Follow these easy steps and customize your own business letter.

  • Use company letterhead if possible. Compose your business letter on the standard business format.
  • The tone of your letter should be polite and courteous. Simply state the purpose of your writing along with any other relevant information.
  • Include salutations like “Dear,” followed by the name of the recipient. Address the person formally as Mr. or Ms. If the name of the recipient is unknown, follow with Sir or Madam.
  • Start your first paragraph with a brief description of your organization and the services/products you have.
  • After giving a short description about your company. But in any case do not emphasize awards and achievement that are not directly related to the offer you have proposed in your letter.
  • Just after your demonstration of your company/product/service present your credentials in a humble tone.
  • Business letters are highly professional in nature. There is no space for vague about your objective, just get to the point without going into unnecessary details.
  • Remain professional even if you have known to the person you are writing your business letter or you have just had a meeting with him/her.
  • Conclude the business letter with a brief description or a summary by repeating your opening for emphasis.
  • Write them you will be calling them soon to discuss business and give your contact number to let them call you if required.
  • The most common and proper closing is “Sincerely” followed by your name below the body to the left, underneath your job title.

Before your signature, edit your letter and check for spelling and grammatical errors very carefully.

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