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Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter

Resignation letter is a formal notification letter written in order to inform an employer that an employee is leaving the organization. It is written by the employee who has decided to terminate his services from his current company. [...]

Request Letter Writing Tips

Request letters are formal letters written to make request for different purpose whether personal or professional in nature. It is the best way to make your correspondence effective and professional regarding some appeal. It could be written to [...]

Tips for Writing a Reference Letter

Reference letter is a formal letter written to provide reference to a particular person to get a job, university/college admission, scholarship or any other important requirements. It plays a great role in making your application stand out from [...]

Recommendation Letter Writing Tips

Recommendation letter is a formal document written as a reference for a particular person. It is usually written to support a candidate applying for a job in some organization or an applicant requesting for admission or scholarship. Such [...]

Tips for Writing Effective Proposal Letter

Proposal letter is an official letter written to make a formal proposal. It could be anything from a personal proposal for wedding or a professional proposal for a new business partnership and so on. A perfectly worded letter [...]

Tips for Writing a Permission Letter

Permission letter is a formal request letter written in order to seek a consent or permission. It is also commonly known as authorization letter as it serves as a legal document issued to authorize a particular person. It [...]

Tips for Writing an Order Letter

Order letter is one of the most commonly practiced formal writing in a business environment to ensure certainty and discipline in business deals. It is an official communication between two parties regarding the business. This written document always [...]

Marketing Letter Writing Tips

Effective marketing letter is the best way to win new clients/customers and to generate more business with existing clients/customers. It covers brief information of the sender’s organization with detailed information of its services and products. It serves as [...]

Tips for Writing a Good Love Letter

Perfect love letter is something written to express true love. It is most likely addressed by a lover to his/her beloved. It is used to make the partner feel special and valued. It could be written to your [...]

How to Write a Love Letter

Love letter is the best way to communicate your love to your loved ones. It provides you an ample of time to express your feelings without any distraction to your boyfriend, girlfriend, crush etc. A written piece makes [...]