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Farewell Letter Writing Tips

Farewell letter are typically written to inform your collogues that you are leaving your current organization. It is a formal good bye letter with a slight personal touch. It is certainly an emotional subject of writing as it [...]

Tips for Writing Effective Endorsement Letter

Endorsement letter is a kind of formal notification regarding the persona and characteristics of the person being endorsed. It is usually written to announce an approval or any sort of support for definite projects, person, product, service or [...]

Tips for Writing a Letter of Dispute

Sample Letter of dispute is a formal way to notify the credit card company or the other financial institutions about the inaccurate charges. It contains all the relevant information regarding the dispute. It provides you a platform to [...]

Tips for Writing a Dismissal Letter

Letter of dismissal serves as a formal notification of the employment termination. It is usually written by the human resource department or the other higher authority of the organization. It is as important document as the appointment letter. [...]

Criticism letter is usually written to inform someone about some of their personal or professional mistakes or objectionable points in a formal manner.  It is generally written either after an out of control matter or after a continuous [...]

Tips for Writing a Credit Letter

Credit letter are usually written to settle the credit disputes. It is a formal letter to notify the objectionable points related with the credit. It covers all the requirement and relevant information regarding the credit in a brief [...]

letter writing tips

Cover Letter Writing Tips

A well written cover letter can increase you chance of selection. It is the most crucial document for your job search. It plays a very important role as it represents you in front of your potential employer. It [...]

A letter of congratulation is usually written to convey the admiration to the person who has achieved something remarkable in his life. You can write it to congratulate some of your friend, colleague or family member for wedding, [...]

Tips for Writing a Confirmation Letter

Confirmation letter is written to acknowledge the verbally agreed proposal or decisions. It serves as a documentary proof of official acceptance of some arrangements. It is most likely written in formal format. Though, you can add a formal [...]

letter writing tips

Tips for Writing Condolence Letter

Facing death of a loved one is the world’s most horrible and painful experience. No one is as strong as to deal with this situation all alone. A cordial letter of condolence is the best way to share [...]