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How to Write a Love Letter

Love letter is the best way to communicate your love to your loved ones. It provides you an ample of time to express your feelings without any distraction to your boyfriend, girlfriend, crush etc. A written piece makes your emotions a token of love treasured forever. You can send it anytime as there is no perfect or definite time to express your love to your loved ones. No other mode of communication can beat this art of expression. Hand written notes of love is something very personal and makes a special sense of importance for the recipient.

Every moment is the best moment to express your emotions. Though such letter is must ado on special occasions like as on birthday, anniversary, wedding, engagement or some other special event. You can write it as much time as you feel to communicate your care and concern to the special person of your life. Here we have presented best tips to make your love letter effective.

  • Make it meaningful and effective by expressing your true feelings.
  • Do not worry about your writing style, spelling, punctuation or grammar errors as true demonstration of feeling is more important than writing etiquettes.
  • Compose it on a attractive piece of paper. Choose the favorite color of the recipient.
  • Start it with a personal and appropriate salutation instead of something detached or formal. You can use beloved,” “dearest,” “beautiful,” “most cherished,” or his/her pet name to make it personal and romantic.
  • Write some lines of praise in the opening paragraph. Spell out some special qualities that you really admire about him/her. It could be a good sense of humor, Resourcefulness, Thankfulness, beauty, or any special gesture that you feel so attractive.
  • Mention the exact date or time and the situation if you are writing it to communicate your thoughts related with some special moment spent together.
  • Share some future planning in the middle paragraph if you are in a committed relationship with the recipient. It could be anything some aspirations, dreams, and fantasies that you have in your mind about your future togetherness.
  • Request the recipient for a meeting in the last lines if you have not met with each other from a long time.
  • If you are writing it to your crush, husband or boyfriend, you can put a mark of lipstick on it by kissing. This will make it more romantic.
  • If you are writing it to your wife of girlfriend, mist the perfume or cologne on it that you always wear. This will make it more personal.
  • Close it with and complimentary personal closing notation, for instance, “Yours Forever,” “XOXO,” “Hugs and Kisses,” “With Love,” or “Love Always.”
  • If you are going to deliver it by yourself into his/her hand, do not put it into an envelope. Instead of an envelope, roll it up like a scroll and knot it closed with a nice ribbon or string to make it more personal and romantic.

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