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Tips for Writing a Good Love Letter

Perfect love letter is something written to express true love. It is most likely addressed by a lover to his/her beloved. It is used to make the partner feel special and valued. It could be written to your crush to express your thoughts about him or it could be for your spouse or lover.

It will definitely surprise your lover and also make him feel special. It covers all your emotions and feelings without interruption. It provides you ample of time to express all your thoughts. It is also the best way to share your future goals and dreams. Here are some beautiful writing tips to make you draft a perfect love letter.

  • Make it look beautiful and attractive. Compose it on some elegant linen paper. Choose color and type of paper according to the mood of writing, for instance calm pastel colors express your care and concern or bright neon shade demonstrate sensuality and romance.
  • Compose it in simple language. It should be more interactive like you are talking with the recipient.
  • Start it with a personal or emotional salutation, for instance, “My Dearest …” , ”My Love”, “Darling” or something similar to it.
  • Write some lines of your favorite poem complimenting the nature of your letter. Cadence or rhythm of the words will make it more attractive.
  • Express that you cannot imagine your life without him. Make him feel that your every breathe is attached with his presence in your life.
  • Add some lines to praise your partner. Spell out some of his/her best attributes and the qualities that you admire about him.
  • Write a short anecdote to remind him about the happy moments. You can highlight the coffee dates or romantic candle light dinners to make it more emotional.
  • Demonstrate your craziness and eagerness to meet him/her. Express that his absence is killing you.
  • A perfect closing will be something very personal. Use romantic valediction such as “With All My Love”, “forever yours”, “Cordially Yours” or “Love Always and Forever”.
  • End it with your name or the special name recipient used to call you with.
  • Spray your cologne or perfume that you usually wear at time of meeting with your lover to make your writing more romantic.
  • Or you can include put some dry petals of rose or any other flower of your choice in the envelope accompanied your letter to make him/ her feel nostalgic.
  • You can send some gifts with it like a bouquet of his/her favorite flowers, basket of strawberries or fine chocolate to add a unique touch.

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