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15 Tips on Writing a Love Letter to Boyfriend

Here are some useful writing tips to make your love letter to boyfriend more romantic.

  • Choose the best stationary.
  • Write it on a fine beautiful colored piece of paper.
  • Select the favorite color of your boyfriend for your writing pad color.
  • A fragrances paper will be the best to set the mood.
  • Select a casual cursive wring font with legible font size.
  • Write your name, address and contact details followed by the same information of your boyfriend.
  • Enter the current date as each date holds a different notion. This will remind you the current memories after some years.
  • Create a catchy and peppy or romantic subject line to convey the real essence of writing.
  • Start it with an intimate or personal salutation.
  • Mention your feelings driven you to write it in the initial lines. This is a personal piece of writing so you are free to flow as your heart go.
  • Express exactly what is going in your heart and mind at the time of writing. There is no need to organize your thought, just pour out your heart.
  • Remind him your first meeting. Write an anecdote to make a pictorial presentation. Pen down even the meager gestures of your boyfriend at the time of your first date.
  • Make him understand that how much he means to you. Make him feel his importance in your life.
  • Ask him for a meeting in the end. Express you are longing of seeing him.
  • Close it with an appropriate affectionate closing salutation.

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