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Real Estate Marketing Letter

Real estate marketing letter is usually written by the marketing professionals as recommendation of their services to the real estate agencies. It serves as a formal proposal of marketing services. It is also commonly known as real estate statistical letter or cover letter of marketing proposals. It covers all the relevant information of the marketing agency and its services. It is written with a definite objective that is to gain business.

It convinces the real estate dealer or the company to hire the sender for its marketing solutions. Marketing services play a crucial role in the real estate business as it enhances the chances of successful business deals. It is one of the most essential documents as it can either wins a lucrative businesses for company or result in rejection. There are several free templates available on internet for such writing, but a generic example can never result in success.

Real Estate Marketing Letter Sample


Ms. Cheryl Han

Manager Marketing

Earth Marketing Solutions

T 67 Gotham Towers

Florida 8583


Mr. Powel Kan


Niter Property Agency

5 Nader Road

California 8705

Date: 24 Jun, 2014

Subject: Real estate marketing letter

Dear Mr. Kan,

I am writing this with pleasure on behalf of the management and board of Earth Marketing Solutions, to introduce our real estate marketing services to Niter Property Agency. We are a well recognized multinational agency in the field of real estate sales and marketing.

We have achieved great heights in providing sales and marketing solutions to many of the big real estate companies. We have a well trained and dedicated team of 500 professionals. We have our offices across the globe. Here, we welcome all your real estate enquiries and demand for information with great enthusiasm. Our team of fine professionals is always ready to offer you the best real estate solutions.

Please study the enclosed brochure and newsletter and contact us on the provided contact numbers at your earliest convenience. We would love to arrange your meeting with our representative for the further discussion regarding our proposal. We are looking ahead for a wonderful business relationship with your prestigious company.


Cheryl Han

Manager Marketing

Earth Marketing Solutions

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