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Direct Marketing Letter

A company or an organization writes this direct marketing letter to its client to offer the services directly. It is a good marketing strategy to inform your client about your new offers. You need to be polite in presenting your idea and it should have a convincing tone as your main purpose of writing is to promote your products and services. You need to include all important information regarding your proposal so that your reader finds it an interesting.

In the example provided here, a credit card company writes this letter to the client in order to convince him/her on what a company proposes in the letter.

Direct Marketing Letter Sample


Joseph D. Gove

Texas Bank Manager

1568 Southside Lane

Los Angeles, CA 90071

Nov 1, 2014


Michelle T. Nishida



1568 Southside Lane

Los Angeles, CA 90071

Dear Ms. Nishida,

We would like to offer the best credit card services to you. Shopping and saving do not stay together because if you love shopping, then you have to compromise with your savings. But, Mesopotamia shopping credit cards make this impossible thing possible, because it comes with 50% saving on your purchases, so now you can save your money even after your shopping. If shopping makes you smile, this card will definitely offer more than the others.

It works same as your other credit card, the only difference is that it saves more. If you find it helpful for you, you can contact us at our hotline (6868) any time.

We will be happy to help you.

Truly yours,

Joseph D. Gove

Texas Bank Manager

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