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Marketing Introduction Letter

A marketing introduction letter is written to introduce the marketing program to the potential clients in order to convince them about the offering. In the letter, you have to have sound knowledge in the marketing strategy that helps your company to sell its services to others. As you are introducing your letter, you have to be good enough to present the purpose of writing. Marketing letter is written with the aim to make your client understand about your work area so that they need your service, to be very specific make a need of your services through your presentation of words.

Here in the example, a marketing training company writes this letter in terms of making a need of the marketing training program that increases the sales of the recipient company.

Marketing Introduction Letter Example

Sunrise Company


03 November 2014

Dear Mr. Stuart

Sales Agent Training Program

The only motto of marketing is the profit and nothing else; to achieve this, one needs to increase the sell. Therefore, it is important to train your agents, those are directly linked with the sale. Most of the big companies, including Microsoft and Apple, follow the same way to increase their profit.

We offer you such program for your employees to make them expert in getting sale contracts. It is 70 hours program and I assure you that it will be enjoyable and educational as well. The program covers all aspects of sell, including selling, colleague coaching and sales management.

Feel free to ask anything if you have any query, we will be happy to help you.

Sincerely Yours,


Mrs. Jacobson

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