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Tips for Writing a Real Estate Marketing Letter

We have provided some easy tips to make your writing real estate marketing letter.

  • Compose it on your business letterhead as this a professional correspondence.
  • Write it in the standard format of business letter writing.
  • Keep the tone humble and persuasive. Do not use flowery sentences or word of flattery.
  • Make it highly professional with sincere and easy to understandable language.
  • Write the name of the concerned person, designation, organization and its address.
  • Enter the current date.
  • Create a factual subject line. It should be enough meaningful to deliver your purpose of letter in first glance.
  • Start it with a formal salutation.
  • State the purpose of writing in the initial lines with a brief introduction of your organization and its services.
  • Expand your offer of services or business proposal that you have mentioned in the opening paragraph. Middle paragraph is the place to discuss your marketing proposal in detail.
  • Provide all the relevant information regarding your organization such as its work culture, services and payment structure.
  • Request the recipient to contact you for the further discussion regarding the marketing services.
  • Close it with a thank you gesture and a formal closure valediction.
  • Make two copies of it. One to send to the actual recipient and other to keep for your own records. It is always good to make record of your correspondence as you can use it for future reference.

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