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Marketing Letter Writing Tips

Effective marketing letter is the best way to win new clients/customers and to generate more business with existing clients/customers. It covers brief information of the sender’s organization with detailed information of its services and products. It serves as a formal document to grab attention of potential clients.

It delivers a message focused on a definite objective. It provides a professional platform to pitch your services and products directly to the recipient. A perfectly worded letter makes your proposal of marketing stand out in the crowd. We have provided some good tips on how to write an effective marketing letter.

Format and content:

  • Make it as simple as you can. A simple and easy to understandable message is always effective in terms of marketing.
  • Compose it on your business letterhead to make your promotion more professional and authentic.
  • Write a clear message without ambiguity. Do not write complex phrases or jargons to make your attempt impressive as simple is best in terms of promotion.

Opening paragraph:

  • Start with your tag line, motto or signature statement as this makes it more catchy and attractive. This will help the customer to remember you effortlessly.
  • Compose the first paragraph with great care as it makes or breaks the impression of your proposal. Make it attractive to convince the reader.

 Middle paragraph:

  • Expand the points of the first paragraph. Explain the above mentioned facts professionally to generate interest.
  • Provide details of your purpose or objective. Make it interactive. Communicate the benefits and solutions.
  • Provide a brief description of your organization in fewer possible sentences. Concentrate more on your services that you have to offer the recipient.

Last paragraph:

  • Attach your company’s brochure, leaflet or newsletter to make your promotion more effective. Mention all your enclosed documents in the end under the enclose notation.
  • Thank the reader and request him to contact you for a meeting or further query.

Proofread and signature:

  • Proofread it to make an error free document.
  • Put your signature to make it valid and send it to the concerned person.

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