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How to Write a Marketing Letter

Marketing letter is usually written to introduce and promote a particular company, product or services. It also serves formal cover letter of your organization. It communicates all essential information regarding the organization and its product or services. An appealing content is the basic requirement for such correspondence. It could be considered as a first step to garner new clients/customers.

Treat it as a sales letter to sell your marketing services. It is written with a purpose to promote a particular service, product or sometimes to advertise the organization itself. You can study the available generic sample or template to get an idea about how to write it but never send any of the form samples as it is to your customer, it most likely result in rejection. Such letter is required to get drafted with great care. Here we have provides good writing tips to make your marketing letter effective.

  • Write a simple and easy to understandable message. A daunting and time consuming marketing proposal usually end with a negative response.
  • Write a short and snappy letter. Provide all the relevant information directly without making it messy.
  • Try to make it persuasive with some strong points and facts. Do not draft it with complex or wordy jargons.
  • Compose it on your business letterhead as it provides an authentic and professional touch to the communication.
  • Follow the standard business letter writing format for it as this is a highly formal document.
  • Try to grab the attention of the reader from its very start with your focused writing. State what you have to offer for the betterment of the recipient’s organization briefly in the opening paragraph.
  • Provide a brief description of your services, background of successful business deals, dedicated team of professional, professional goals or some of your attractive trouble shooting formulas.
  • Do not write countless sentences about your organization or its glorious history. People love to know what you exactly have to offer them. Provide array of solutions of their usual problems or techniques of winning more lucrative business. Demonstrate your benefit and woo the recipient to accept your marketing services.
  • Provide clear information regarding your contact details and how they can contact you. Encourage them to contact you for further discussion or inform them that you are willing to arrange a meeting regarding the proposal.
  • Attach your company’s brochure, leaflet or newsletter with it and request the recipient to study it.
  • If you have an official website, mention it and encourage the reader to have a look of that.
  • Close it with a thank you gesture and an appropriate closing salutation.

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