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To make your business announcement letter more effective kindly go through the few tips mentioned below. Be cordial and polite in your tone while writing such letters. In this letter mention all the specific terms and information for [...]

Tips for Writing a Welcome Letter

Welcome letter is written to recognize someone who has recently entered in your personal life or in a good business relationship with your organization. As the term suggests welcome messages are addressed to welcome a person to join [...]

Tips for Writing a Transmittal Letter

Transmittal letter is an important communication tool in business correspondence. It accompanies other documents such as contract, business proposal, some valuable report, and important draft and so on and at the same time works as a cover letter [...]

Tips for Writing a Transfer Letter

Transfer letter is a formal letter written to make a request to get transferred to a new job position or location within the company. It is usually addressed to the human resource department, head of department, supervisor, boss [...]

Tips on Writing a Thank You Letter

Thank you letter is a letter written to express gratitude. It could be formal or informal or both. It is basically depends on the two major factors, first of all the relationship between the sender and the recipient [...]

Tips for Writing a Termination Letter

Termination letter is written to notify someone formally that he or his contract has been terminated due to some rational reason. It could be written by the human resource department of a company in order to terminate the [...]

Sponsorship letter is a formal letter written by an individual or an organization to request for a sponsorship. It is most likely written by the project coordinator, project head, director or other authorized person of a non-profit organization, [...]

Tips for Writing a Sorry Letter

Sorry letter serves as a tranquilizer for the person who has been hurt. It is written by the person who has done something wrong and has realized it latter. A hand written letter of apology filled with your [...]

Sales Letter Writing Tips

Sales Letter is a formal letter written in order to generate a new customer base and encourage the existing ones for more business. It is most likely issued by the sales department of companies. It could be sent [...]

Tips for Write a Romantic Letter

Romantic letter is the best way to express your special feelings for your lover. A well written letter will make your expression of love everlasting and heart touching. Love is the most beautiful emotion of all. Every person [...]