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Tips on Writing a Thank You Letter

Thank you letter is a letter written to express gratitude. It could be formal or informal or both. It is basically depends on the two major factors, first of all the relationship between the sender and the recipient and the second is the reason behind thankfulness. It provides you a chance to communicate that you really acknowledged the support, advice, gift or whatever the other person has done for you. Thank you letter helps you to make the bond stronger with sweet words of concern and admiration.

Promptness matters a lot in thank you letter. Hence, always try to send it at least within 48 hours to show your gratitude. It shows that the help, action or gift of the recipient means so much for you. Other instances for writing such letters include thanking potential employer for giving you a chance of interview, teachers for their valuable advice, university for admission or scholarship and so on. There is variety of examples for different purposes to demonstrate your professionalism and credibility.

Here are some of the best tips & guidelines on how to write thank you letters by showing the right emotion.

  • Compose it on your official letterhead if it is for someone at your workplace or the recipient and you are in formal relationship.
  • Standard format of business letter writing will be best if it is for some formal purpose.
  • If you are writing this as a personal note and sending it to someone close to you, you are free to select stationery of your own choice.
  • Keep your tone pleasant, sincere and free from flattery.
  • Make a brief note with some genuine statements. A long note full of flattery or literary phrases may fail to deliver your real emotions.
  • Do not forget to enter the current date as date will show how quickly you have written this.
  • Create a subject line including some relevant information. A factual subject line conveys the gist of the letter in first glance.
  • Start it with a proper salutation. Address the recipient directly as a thank-you letter should be written to a specific individual.
  • If you are writing this to a generous donor, write some lines explaining that not only you but several other people are also thankful for his kind help. Usually donors and such other generous people do not expect anything in return.  A sincere thank you note makes them feel appreciated and persuaded to continue helping the underprivileged.
  • If it is written in response of a telephonic conversation, make it as brief as possible. Add some key points of the discussion and express your appreciation.
  • If it is for your boss, spell out his exact action or the support for which you are writing this in simple language. Write some of his previous good things to make him feel more appreciated.
  • If you have just faced a job interview, send a thank you note to leave a positive impression on your potential employer. It will not only communicate that you are thankful for the opportunity of the interview provided by him but also demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for that job. You can also highlight some of the unique attributes of the interviewer and reiterate your qualifications and skills. An effective such letter is a way to start a positive relationship with your new employer.
  • Conclude your letter again with a gesture of appreciation.
  • Write an appropriate complimentary valediction in the end.
  • Proofread it carefully to deliver an error free letter. A letter free from grammatical, spelling or punctuation error demonstrates your authenticity and professionalism.

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