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How to Write a Transfer Letter

Transfer letter is a formal letter either written by an individual to request for his transfer or is issued by the organization to inform an employee about the same. It is most likely written to the human resource department, department head, requesting for consent to work on different location or position in some department to another within the company. In academics also we come across such documents for instance, transfer application from a school, college, or university.

If the company takes the decision to change the current position or location of an employee, the human resource department issues such document to make a formal notification. It may carry a bad news as sometimes the transfer also serves as a punishment or it could be the good news for the employee if he gets transferred on a promoted position or the location of his choice.

Here we have provided some tips to make your transfer letter writing effective and successful.

  • Compose it on the official letterhead as this one of the most serious and professional correspondence.
  • Make a brief and precise notice of transfer including all the key information.
  • The tone of such letters is usually kept very polite, professional and positive.
  • It should be written in simple and easily understandable language. Do not include complex sentences or legal jargons. Make it focused and comprehensible.
  • Write it in the block style convention of business letter writing.
  • Write your name, title, organization, address and contact details on the top left corner.
  • Skip a line below your personal information and enter the recipient’s name, title, organization, address.
  • Put down the current date in its full form as abbreviated date line usually creates ambiguity.
  • Make a crisp and significant subject line to communicate the essence of the letter in first look.
  • Start it with a formal salutation.
  • Get straight to the point in the opening lines. State the purpose of your writing in sincere tone.
  • If it is carrying the information of the transfer, mention the position, location and its effective date clearly in the first paragraph. There is no need to write the detailed reason or the background of the change.
  • If you are writing this to make a request to get transferred, write it clearly ion the first paragraph with clear requirements.
  • Middle paragraph is the place where you can provide the details of the points written in the first paragraph.
  • Provide some specific and genuine reasons to expand your above mentioned points.
  • Add some lines explaining your qualification, ability or some remarkable attributes to convince the recipient, if you are making this request. Write some more lines in praise of the company and the opportunity they have provided you. Appreciate the company and emphasize your fidelity to the organization.
  • Write some lines to provide details of the positive side of the change if it is written to inform someone about their transfer. Make it a way as it is written to put a stop to the tedium of staying in the same position/location, or to explore new prospects within the same company.
  • Close it with a pleasant and positive note.
  • Provide your contact number and request him to contact you for further discussion.
  • Wish him luck for a bright future and thank him for his time and consideration.
  • Close it with a standard farewell such as “Sincerely” or “Truly”.
  • Put your signature and send it.

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