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Tips for Writing a Reference Letter

Reference letter is a formal letter written to provide reference to a particular person to get a job, university/college admission, scholarship or any other important requirements. It plays a great role in making your application stand out from the crowd of countless application for a similar requirement. A perfectly worded letter enhances the chance to win the situation.

If you are asked to write such document, it must be a matter of honor for you as it acknowledges your credentials. It also serves as a legal document. This factual data demonstrates the better aspects of the person addressed to in writing.

Here we have presented some good and effective tips to help you how to write a perfect reference letter.


This is the first fundamental step on how to write an effective reference letter. Introduce yourself and provide a brief description about the person subject to question in it.

Mention how and how long you are known to him. Write your connection or relationship with him in clear words. For instance, if you are a college teacher and writing this for your student to get him a job, clearly mention the year of study and name of the college.

Specific positive points:

Make a much focused letter. Stick to the pertinent points. Do not include irrelevant facts just to impress the recipient.

Create it according to the requirement and purpose of reference as if you are writing this for a job hunt, include the professional qualification, organizational skills and work experience, there is no need of including that he is a good football player or a swimming champion of high school competition.

Provide enough examples and evidence to support all your praise verses written for his reference.

Do not criticize:

Do not write even a single line of negative comment. Though no one is perfect in this world, avoid criticizing the person subject to question.

You are writing to help him get a job, admission, scholarship or any other special purpose so just stick to the positives.

List only the good qualities and strong positive points to support his candidacy.

Remarkable points:
Write some very strong points to separate the candidate from the rest of the applicants. Mention some of his extraordinary qualities, personality traits or remarkable accomplishment to convince the reader.

Write down his recent achievements, awards or honor, workshop or seminar or anything that you may find make the person stand out from the rest in the bright light.


Provide a precise and factual summary of all the important information that you have mentioned in the above paragraphs. It grabs the attention of the reader and provides a positive stress on the relevant points.

Provide your contact number and request the recipient to contact you for further clarification and discussion.

Thank the reader in the end.


Study carefully it before sending it as it is a highly formal latter. There should be no typographical, grammatical or punctuation errors.

Make a flawless document as it not only crucial for the person in question but also demonstrates your credibility and professionalism.

Put your signature on your name of the final document to make it valid and send it.

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