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Recommendation Letter Writing Tips

Recommendation letter is a formal document written as a reference for a particular person. It is usually written to support a candidate applying for a job in some organization or an applicant requesting for admission or scholarship. Such letters are normally issued by a current or former employee of an organization to its human resource department, manager or the head of a department.

It covers all the relevant information about the person who has requested the same. Such letters provide brief information about the educational and professional qualification, notable abilities, skill sets and other remarkable qualities to present the requester in bright light. If you are facing problem on how to write such letter of recommendation, follow the tips given below to help you serve your purpose.

  • Discuss the goals and objectives with the candidate you are writing for in order to compose an effective letter.
  • Follow the standard business letter writing format.
  • Include the current date and a subject line. Subject line should be very crisp and clear.
  • Start it with a formal salutation.
  • Introduce yourself in the opening lines and write the full name, title (if applicable), organization (if applicable) and address of the person who has requested you write this reference letter for him.
  • Draft it from the reader’s point of view, it will guide you in writing process and help you to present the requester in great manner.
  • Mention his educational and professional qualifications. Add some of his relevant co curricular activity, job duties and responsibilities that he has handled.
  • Write some of his remarkable assignments and specific undertakings or achievements to ensure the recipient about the suitability of the requester.
  • Provide some examples or demonstrate some of his resent achievement to support your statement. Proper communication of abilities is very important to convince the recipient about the candidature of the requester.
  • Provide some evidence to support his competence, organizational skills, creativity, resourcefulness, management ability and so on.
  • Do not write any criticizing comment for the requester. Avoid writing any negative statement related with the age of candidate, sex, any physical or mental disability, race, nationality or religious belief.
  • Summarize all the qualities, skill sets, qualification and experience in two or three lines of the last paragraph.
  • Provide your contact number and express that you are ready to clarify the doubts and confusion of the recipient regarding the recommendation.
  • Thank the reader and wrap up the writing.
  • Close it with a formal valediction.
  • Proofread it carefully. Ensure that you have included all the required information. It should be free from grammar and punctuation error. Flawless writing is the first requirement of such letter.
  • Put your signature to make it authentic and send it to the recipient.
  • Make two copies of it. Send one to the recipient and keep one for your own records.

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