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Easy Tips to Writing Business Recommendation Letter With Sample

A business recommendation letter is written to make a recommendation of a company’s product and services to an organization. This letter has a great potential to attract the clients for a company as the quality of the product is not described by the company person rather a user recommends the business services after satisfying with its quality. But before doing this, a company or an individual who writes this letter should have a clear knowledge about the service for which the recommendation letter is written.

Tips to Writing Effective Business Recommendation Letter

Writing a business recommendation letter is nothing but presenting the services of a company in order to recommend it to satisfy the need of another company. Follow the tips to write this letter.

  • Write your letter in a formal style as you are writing it professionally to recommend the services of another company.
  • The tone of the letter should be direct and genuine and do not give any unnecessary information.
  • Give your years of experience with the recommended company so that the recipient can guess if your recommendation is reliable or not.
  • Explain the services or product in your own way because your reader wants to hear your opinion about the company.
  • Give assurance about services of the recommended company and give your contact details if anything goes wrong.
  • Conclude your letter with the same gesture as you maintain throughout the letter.

Here in the example, a company writes these letters to recommend the clean up services to another company since the sender company is satisfied with the services they have been given.

Business Recommendation Letter Sample


Joseph D. Gove
General Manager
Grand Hotel
1568 Southside Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90071

January 20, 2015


Michelle T. Nishida
General Manager
ADF Hotel
4535 Broadcast Drive
Chantilly, VA 22021

Dear Ms. Nishida,

This letter is to recommend the service of the Clean-Up Service for you. We are using their services for the five years; and till date, they leave no corner to complain. Their dedication to the work will definitely meet your demands.

What makes them the best is that they believe in quality and effective cleaning of the service. I hope you can give them a chance to present their work.

After receiving the best service from them, I happily recommend them to you. If you have any doubt, you can contact me.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph D. Gove

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