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Sample Letter for Selection of Best Business Award

Sample Letter for Selection of Best Business Award
Sample Business Award Letter

The letter for selection of best business award is way of acknowledging and recognizing the work of individuals and teams that have outperformed themselves and done good things for the society and economy. This post contains examples of award letter for business and employees, business award letter sample and business Award nomination letter sample. You can find the letter of award sample and template that will serve as a reference.

Sample Letter for Selection of Best Business Award


Mr. Nate Specter

Safe Earth Ventures Limited

Manhattan, New York

Subject: Selection for best business award

Dear Nate,

I hope you are in good health and enjoying the best time of your life. It aches my heart to break it to you that our committee has selected your manufacturing business for the award of Best Business 2021. Your work has been exemplary and deserves all the appreciation. I hope knowing this makes you feel proud and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Now is the time for our hero to shine bright.

It is time for celebration. The details of the ceremony including date, time, venue and everything will be sent to you very soon. Please remain in touch with us in the coming few days so that you do not miss out on any important information. Feel free to reach out to us through call or via email in case of any queries or ideas. You can invite your family members to the ceremony. You are required to prepare a presentation of your business and its products to be displayed in the event. Kindly submit the required information as soon as you can.

We will keep you updated with the ceremony details. Thanks for your time.


Jack Kinley

Chief Executive Officer

Business Committee

Date: August 29, 2022

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