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Tips for Writing Effective Proposal Letter

Proposal letter is an official letter written to make a formal proposal. It could be anything from a personal proposal for wedding or a professional proposal for a new business partnership and so on. A perfectly worded letter always makes a convincing impression of the person making the proposal. A written document is always a best choice to make a business offer. It provides ample amount of time for scrutinizing the matter to the recipient.


It covers all the essential information related with the proposal including the benefits of the proposal acceptance, financial objectives and terms and conditions involved in it. It presents all the aspects of the offer in an organized manner. If you are looking for a sample on how to write such letters, here are the best tips to make effective business proposal letters.

  • Compose it on your official letterhead to make the offer authentic. Write it in proper formatting of business letters.
  • Explain your ideas evidently and succinctly to ensure that your audience will understand what you are trying to convey.
  • A document written in simple and easy to understandable language increases the probability of reader’s viewing your ideas positively.
  • If you are writing this for an event sponsorship proposal, business investment or anything in which money is involved, provide clear instruction related with finance.
  • Write your name, title, organization, address and contact details. Enter the recipient’s name and address two lines down from your information.
  • Enter current date on which you send it.
  • Put a subject line underneath the date. Create a crisp subject line including succinct information about the subject matter of the letter.
  • Start it with a proper salutation such as “Dear Mr., Ms, Mrs., and Dr…..”
  • Write the intention of your writing in the opening lines. Provide a brief reference, if there has been done any previous meeting or discussion related with your purpose of writing. Do not write the whole background in the opening paragraph.
  • Write the background information of the proposal in the middle paragraph. Expand the points that you have mentioned in the first paragraph.
  • Briefly discuss the subject of the meeting, if you are writing your offer as a follow up of the previous meeting.
  • Do not write several lines to introduce yourself. Write few lines about your offer and focus more on the benefits that the potential client will get after accepting your proposal.
  • Write the goals of your business offer succinctly without extraneous information.
  • Explain the basic terms and condition of the proposal in the middle paragraph to give a more fair idea about your offer.
  • Explain the objectives related with finance clearly in the middle paragraph. Provide a list of charges and payment without ambiguity.
  • Mention the deadline in the last paragraph, if there is any.
  • Conclude it with a thank you note. It is always a good to close official letters with a sincere thank you gesture.
  • Close it with an official complimentary closure notation. Use a valediction such as “Sincerely” or “Yours truly”.
  • Put your signature underneath your name to make it a valid communication.
  • Attach some documents like a newsletter, leaflet, list of charges and services, payment structure, terms and condition or any other relevant document as supportive with it. Mention all your attached documents clearly in the end under the enclosure notation.
  • Proofread it carefully before sending. Correct all the mistakes and errors. Ensure you have included all the essential points in it. A flawless and perfectly worded letter represents your professionalism and credibility.

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