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Tips for Writing an Marriage Proposal Letter

Here we have brought some really good tips to make you write a perfect marriage proposal letter.

  • Compose it on the fine paper to make it a perfect proposal letter. Write it on her favorite colored sheet. You can also write it with fragrances sheet or you can spray it with your regular cologne or perfume to make it more personal and romantic.
  • There is no set format or hard and fast rule of writing such letter. The only thing which is required is to write it with honesty.
  • Take it as an opportunity to win her heart, mention some of the persuading points to convince your beloved.
  • Write an anecdote about how you fall in love with her and gradually you found yourself incomplete without her followed by the precious romantic line “ Will You marry me.”
  • Remind her about some cherished moments. Make her feel that you are in love from tip to toe.
  • Write some unforgettable moments such as the place where you had your first romantic date, the discotheque where you first danced together, the pub or bar you shared your first kiss, or the place where you first said that you love her.
  • If you remember the date of each memorable moment, include at least some of them to make her feel so remembered.
  • Send her a surprise proposal bouquet with it.

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  • sudipta Adhikari September 16, 2014, 8:11 am

    Please Provide Sample Letter For Propose For Marriage Letter. i am receive one Propose letter for Matromonial Site


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