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How to Write a Proposal Letter

Proposal letter is a formal letter written to propose your offer with authenticity. It could be both personal and professional in nature. This kind of documentation is most practiced in the business world. Written proposals are always considered the best way to communicate your business goals. A perfectly worded letter not only presents your offer professionally but also provides an authenticity to the entire correspondence. It gives ample time to the recipient to scrutinize your proposal without ambiguity.

It is also commonly known as a cover letter of business. It covers all the relevant information related with the job or task involved in the proposal. It is always easy to execute a written proposal in comparison of a verbal offer. It also serves as an introduction of the proposal. There are several examples of business proposals available to guide you in your writing venture. You are required only to follow those templates and write a purely customized letter according to your own objective.

We have presented some effective writing tips on how to write a proposal letter for your convenience.

  • Compose it on the official letterhead as it is a professional correspondence. Follow the standard format of business letter writing. Use professional font with its legible font size to make look perfect and professional.
  • Tone of this kind of letter should be sincere and formal. Avoid using complex phrases or legal terms.
  • Enter the current date on which you dispatch it.
  • Create a meaningful subject line. Write something very relevant and simple to deliver the exact purpose of writing effortlessly in a first look.
  • Start it with a formal salutation. Write their formal name with an appropriate title.
  • State the purpose of writing in the first lines. Opening paragraph should be precise and factual. Do not write countless lines about yourself instead of that provide information of the benefits that the reader will receive from your offer.
  • Share your goals related with your proposal in the middle paragraph. Explain what you have presumed or set as a goal by this pitch.
  • Write some lines about the client’s problem and discuss all the solutions that you have to offer him under your proposal in detail. Write down your offer in simple language. Make it easy to understand for your prospective customer or client.
  • Provide a clear structure of payment or charges. Mention the monetary topic involved in it, without ambiguity. Supply at least a basic idea if it is not pre decided exactly. A prospective client wants to have a beforehand overlook of the finance requirement related with any type of proposal.
  • Summarize all the important points in the last paragraph. Include the benefits that the recipient will receive after acceptance of the proposal and the deadline if it is involved.
  • Provide your contact details and request the recipient to contact you without hesitation for further discussion.
  • Thank the reader and wrap up the writing.
  • Proofread it carefully to make a flawless letter. Avoid grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors as it reflects your professionalism and credibility.
  • Write your name, title, organization and put your signature to make it valid.

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