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Request Letter a Retraction or Correction from the Media

If there is any mistake that you have been able to spot in a newspaper or magazine or any other media then you must always write a letter to ask a correction from that specific media. Writing a [...]

Business Letter for Sponsorship

Sample Letter for Business Sponsorship A sponsorship letter is written in order to find sponsors for any event. The purpose of business letter for sponsorship is to put forward your plan in a detailed manner in front of [...]

Official Budget Discussion Letter Format

Official Budget Discussion Letter The purpose of an official budget discussion letter to express an intent to discuss the budget with a colleague, manager, team lead or any other person. This is a formal letter which can be [...]

Request Letter for Budget Approval Format

Budget Approval Request Letter Format Whenever you wish to get an approval from the designated authority for budget, you must write a formal letter for budget approval. The budget approval request letter format is simple and includes all [...]

Deadline Extension Appeal Letter Format

Deadline Extension Appeal Letter Sample If you wish to have the deadline for a certain project or submission of documents or any other thing extended then you must write a deadline extension appeal letter to the concerned authority. [...]

Grievance Letter to Employer regarding Discrimination

Grievance Letter Template Whenever you feel you are being discriminated at work, writing a grievance letter about discrimination is the right thing to do. It is a type of formal complaint that is sent to the employer by [...]

Membership Retention Letter Sample

Membership Renewal Letter Sample Membership retention is when a company aims to keep its customers for an extended period of time as it is a way to keep people connected with your brand. But memberships come with a [...]

Sample Leave Extension Letter Format

Leave Extension Letter Example At some point in time, we all need to take leave for some reason and sometimes we even need to extend that leave. In such situations, writing a leave extension letter is what you [...]

Application Letter for Increase Library Fund

Library needs regular updation of books as well as maintenance and for that it requires budget. In case you think that your library needs more fun then you can always write the Application Letter for Increase Library Fund [...]

Application Format to Principal for More Books in Library

Application for Shortage of Books in Library If you feel that your school library needs more books then you can always write an Application to Principal for Books in Library. This is a very simple Application to Library [...]