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Sample of Circular to employee for leave without information

When employees take leave without information, the working of the companies gets arrested. Therefore, it is important to roll out a leave circular. Management can write memo to staff on leave application that explains leave procedure for employees [...]

No Objection Certificate (NOC) Letter Format for Part-Time Teaching

NOC Letter Format for Part-Time Teaching A No Objection Certificate Letter for Part-Time Teaching is a formal letter issued by the institution stating that the institution has no objection if the teacher wants to work in another institution [...]

NOC Letter Format for Job Change, Sample No Objection Certificate

Sample NOC Letter Format for Job Change No Objection Certificate Format for Another Job is issued by an organization to acknowledge that the organization has no objection to letting their employee continue their work in a different organization. [...]

Sample No Objection Certificate for Employee, NOC Letter Format

NOC Letter Format for Employee NOC Letter Format for Employee or NOC Format for Employee is an official letter/ certificate that is issued by the company showing no objection towards their employee performing a certain activity. The No [...]

Circular for no Smoking in Office, No Smoking Memo Sample Format

Sample of Circular for No Smoking A no-smoking circular shall be displayed and distributed in every responsible organization to inform any new people that enter the premises that smoking is strictly not permitted in your office. This Sample [...]

Hope Certificate Application Format, Sample, Example, Template

Hope Certificate Application Format A Hope Certificate is an important certificate issued by an institution to assure that the candidate will pass an exam with good marks or perform well based on academic performance in the previous semester. [...]

Sample Employment Certificate Templates, Certificate Format

Employment Certificate Templates An employment certificate is issued to each and every employee of the organization when the employment period of the employee ends. This document forms an important part of the relationship shared between an employer and [...]

Certificate Application Format, Certificate Templates

Certificate Application Formats A certificate is a formal document which is designed to authenticate something. A certificate format Templates can be used by educational institutions, employee, school or college, companies and organizations for different reasons. There are various [...]

Long Service Award Certificate Template, Sample Certificate Format

Long Service Award Certificate Template The long service award certificate is issued to employees who have completed their long tenure service in a good way. There are all kinds of long service award certificate formats available online along [...]

NOC Application Format for Attending Interview Template

NOC Application for Attending Interview Sometimes in order to attend the interview for a job, No Objection Certificate Letter for Attending Interview has to be submitted by the applicant. This No Objection Certificate Format for Attending Interview is [...]