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If you have to an accident claim from insurance company then for that you need to write an Accident Claim Letter from Insurance Company. It is an important letter if you wish to submit your claim and therefore, [...]

Sample Explanation Letter Absent Without Notice

Explanation Letter For Absent Being absent without notice is something that no organization approves of and if you have done something like that then you must write an Explanation Letter Absent Without Notice to your manager in order [...]

Apology Letter Format to Higher Authorities by Student

Apology Letter Format for Students If a student has not behaved right with the teacher or any other staff then writing an apology letter to higher authority is very important. This kind of an Apology letter by Student [...]

Acceptance Letter for Being Guest of Honour in Welfare Organization

Acceptance of Invitation Letter Format If you have been invited to be a guest of honor for any kind of social cause by welfare organization then you can always confirm your presence to them by writing an acceptance [...]

Absent from Work Explanation Letter Format

Absent from Work Explanation Letter Sample Format

If you have been absent from work without informing your boss or without seeking his or her permission then in that scenario, it is important to write an Absent from Work Explanation Letter to your senior in order [...]

Thank You Letter for Delivery on Time

Sample Thank You Letter for Delivery on Time

Thank You Letter for Delivery A timely delivery is worth appreciating and therefor, never miss on writing a thank you letter for delivery on time to the courier company or the person who has sent you this parcel. [...]

Template Overdue Payment Letter

Sample Letter for Collection of Overdue Payment

Collection letters are quite important for any institution as they make a formal reminder in order to collect payments from the debtors. Every business has debtors and when there is an overdue payment, a collection letter to remind [...]

Sample Confirmation Letter for Attending Workshop

If you are planning to attend a particular workshop then you need to inform about the same to the organizers of the workshop by writing a Confirmation Letter for Attending Workshop. The Attend Workshop Confirmation Letter Template is [...]

Confirmation Letter for Deduction of Amount from Account

Letter to bank Manager for deduction of Money from Account There are many transactions that take place in an account for which the confirmation has to be taken from the client and in order to do that writing [...]

Confirmation Letter for Donation Received

Donor Acknowledgement Letter When you have received donation from a person or institution, you must always write a formal Confirmation Letter for Donation in order to thank for the kind gesture. Writing a Donor Acknowledgement Letter is important [...]