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Letter Format Due to Late Fee by School

Letter Format Due to Late Fee by School

If there has been a delay in submitting the fee of any of the students in your school then you can always write a letter to the guardian about the same. Just like application for fees delay in [...]

Teacher Agreement Contract Sample Letter

While hiring a teacher, you need to have a letter of contract agreement for teachers. The teacher agreement contract is supposed to include all the details in relation with the appointment for the job like the dos and [...]

Sample Letter of Consent for New Project

Simple Letter of Consent for New Project Format

There are so many projects for which you need consent and therefore, there is a need to write a professional letter to get the consent. There are various government departments where you have to submit these letters and [...]

Sample Consent Letter for Child to Travel with Grandparents

A letter of consent is written to submit a formal consent in a matter. If you wish to allow your children to travel with their grandparents then you have to write a Letter of Consent for the same [...]

Sample Letter to Judge Asking for Leniency by wife

If your husband is undergoing court trials and you seriously feel the need to ask the judge to be lenient on him then you can always write a letter to judge for the same but this kind of [...]

Letter Format Due to Non-Payment of Rent

In case of non payment of rent, you can always write a letter for the same. The letter due to non payment of rent can be written in simple words and must include the information about the non [...]

Letter to Congratulate a Colleague for Obtaining a Contract

If one of your colleague has been able to bag a contract then it is time to congratulate him or her for all the hard work he or she has put in making it possible. Congratulation letters make [...]

Thanks Letter for Business Partnership with Gratitude

 thank you letter always means a lot and if it is for a business partnership, it certainly creates an impression. Thank You Letter for Business Partnership is a simple letter that is used for thanking for the business [...]

Sample Congratulation Letter for Passing an Exam

Some exams are really difficult and someone has passed those exams then writing a congratulation letter for passing an exam is a thoughtful thing to do. The idea here is to wish the person for the success they [...]

Congratulation Letter for Election to Elected Officials

Don’t miss on the chance of sending a formal letter of congratulations to someone who has won the elections and has been elected for some post. This is a great way of wishing that person as well as [...]

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