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Withdrawal letter Format for College

Simple College Withdrawal Letter Students may have to withdraw from college or school for various reasons but whatever may be the reason to do so, one has to inform the institution by writing Withdrawal letter for College and [...]

Visa Application Withdrawal Letter and Tips

Withdrawal Letter for Visa Application

If you have applied for visa application but you wish to withdraw your application then you must write a withdrawal letter for visa application to the consulate where you have submitted your application. This is a simple letter [...]

Withdrawal Letter for Job Application

Sample Letter Withdrawal Job Application Sometimes the situation is such that one has to withdraw the application for job that one had submitted but this has to be done in a professional manner which means it has to [...]

Sample Withdrawal Letter for Insurance Claim Format

Withdrawal Letter for Insurance Claim If you have submitted the insurance claim with your insurance company and now you wish to withdraw your claim for whatever reasons then you must do that in writing by sending a Withdrawal [...]

Resignation Withdrawal Letter Format

Resignation Withdrawal Letter Sample If you are rethinking about your decision to resign and you wish to withdraw your resignation letter then you must do so by writing a withdrawal of resignation letter. You can also use the [...]

Professional Letter Example and Writing Tips

Whenever you are writing any kind of a business or employment letter, by default you have to write a professional letter regardless of whom you are addressing this letter to. Therefore, it is extremely important that you always [...]

chargeback Letter For For Customer

Sample Chargeback Letter Template A chargeback is the payment that is required to be returned to a credit or debit card, after the customer has disputed the transaction or has simply returned the items he has purchased using [...]

Harassment Cease and Desist Letter Template

Harassment Cease and Desist Letter Sample The purpose of a Cease and Desist harassment letter is to highlight the act of harassment and asking an individual from refraining from doing it in future along with threatening of the [...]

Sample Letter for Business Association

Business Association Letter Format If you wish to start or expand your business then you might as well need a business association for them same and in that case writing a business association letter is important. A business [...]

Letter of withdrawal from college due to illness

If you have fallen ill and because of that you are not in a condition to join the college in which you have taken admission then you must write a formal Letter of withdrawal from college due to [...]