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Permission Letter for Police Station Food Donation

If you wish to donate food to the poor and the hungry then you must first take permission from the police station of that particular area so that there is no chaos while doing the same.  This is [...]

Congratulation Letter for Anniversary of His Service

Writing a congratulation letter to someone on the anniversary of his service is a thoughtful thing to do. It is a beautiful way of acknowledging, appreciating and celebrating the service that person has rendered for a certain number [...]

Congratulation Letter on a Religious Occasion

There are different occasions and religious occasions on which one must congratulate the person by writing a congratulation letter. The idea here is to wish and appreciate the person for the religious occasion. Shared in this post is [...]

How to Write a Letter to the Governor

Governors are appointed in states and territories and they function as the executive authorities in their respective states and territories. They often get in touch with the residents in order to know about their inputs and suggestions. Therefore, [...]

Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract

If any of your employee or colleague has won a contract then make sure you send across a congratulation letter for celebrating this win in a formal manner. It is going to be a simple letter which will [...]

Congratulation Letter for New Assignment

If anyone you know has been assigned a new assignment of great value or importance then make sure that you congratulate that particular person by writing a formal letter of congratulations. The idea here is to appreciate and [...]

Sample congratulation letter for Winning an award

Winning an award is always special and if someone you know has won an award then make sure that you wish that person by wiring a congratulation letter to him or her. The formal letter of congratulations is [...]

Congratulation Letter to a Friend on Her Apprenticeship

It is truly a special day when you finish your apprenticeship and if your friend has finished her apprenticeship then it calls for sending her a congratulation letter in order to celebrate her achievement. If you are thinking [...]

Appointment Letter for Marketing Manager

Sample Appointment Letter for Marketing Manager

If you are appointing someone as a marketing manager then you are supposed to be writing an appointment letter for marketing manager. Just like offer letter for marketing executive or appointment letter for sales executive, this kind of [...]

Congratulation Letter for Birth or Adoption of a Child

Whenever a new member comes in the family, it is a time to celebrate. If you have a friend or colleague or a distinct relative who has been blessed with a child or has adopted a child, make [...]